Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is located in Mombasa, Kenya, and works with 80 disabled men and women artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities. Bombolulu started in 1969 as a rehabilitation project sponsored by the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya.

This nonprofit organization produces crafts of a very high standard and gives vocational training to people with special abilities. There are five sheltered workshops producing a range of jewelry, tailored goods, wood, casting and leather items for both domestic and worldwide markets. An on-staff designer creates new products, including both the trademark Bombolulu recycled materials design pieces.

Every year, thousands of different designs are undertaken for items of jewelry, wood, leather and soft furnishings. The workshops have a production capacity of nearly 250,000 separate items per annum. Many years of successful exporting have established the workshops as a reliable supplier and the project is a member of the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT) and  it is the trading partner of OpenEntry (USA). Bombolulu includes housing units for artisans, artisan workshops and a Cultural Centre with a tour mock-ups of traditional homesteads in the grounds and enjoy the traditional African dances to help generate income for the project.

You can visit the workshops in Mombasa and our new Bombolulu Boutique in Diani Beach Shopping Centre to buy beautiful and unique products.